Gun Dog – Final major project

So, university is finally all complete and heres my major film project Gun Dog, that I’ve been working on this year. This film looks into gun dog training, gun making, the shooting sport and other aspects of the British countryside.  Please watch, share and enjoy! x


A documentary film focusing on the passion and dedication behind training gun dogs and the craftsmanship, skill and time it takes to make a sporting gun.The two forces are shown in action on a game shoot and the realities of the shooting sport are explored through the eyes of an ex- gamekeeper and gun dog enthusiast.Looking to the future we can see how young gamekeepers are trained in colleges today and understand their views on how the British countryside is managed.


One thought on “Gun Dog – Final major project

  1. Hello,

    I’ve just watched your Gundog film on Vimeo. It’s really nice to see high quality films being made about British field sports, especially about the dogs. If you’d like to work on another rural project then I’d be very interested in hearing about it, and maybe collaborating.


    Sam Thompson

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